Poetic Solihull

Another year passed but where has it gone?

Meetings and chat are what we’ve dwelled on.

With Covid behind us, and meetings this year

We have been together with much to cheer.


Meetings were planned for the year ahead

Not held in our homes, but a hall instead.

Speakers joined us and shared their talents

Alongside church services to have a life balance.


A Jubilee lunch in June for our Queen

In Linda’s garden we honoured her reign.

With a glass of pink fizz we toasted her Majesty

Coronation Chicken was our dish of the day.

Our Honorary Ladies cut the platinum cake

Before the rain poured and we rushed in for a break!


With “In House” meetings on the agenda

Our WF history and favourite books were remembered.

What to do when a speaker cancels?

A visit to Packwood is never a hassle.

We frequently thank the National Trust

An explore of their properties always a must.


In the autumn we listened to Sally

Playing her double bass for her finale.

We learned of the years of practice it took her

To join and play in our Birmingham Orchestra.


In November a husband gave us insight

Into North Korea where he had taken a flight.

Life under Kim and his frightening dictatorship

Made us appreciate our democratic leadership.


A Christmas lunch at a Golf Club we know

Saw our year almost brought to a close.

One thing was clear – 2022 had been a good year

Our Fellowship thriving is such a cheer.


2023 began with coffee at the local Farm Shop

When our ladies came to chat non stop!

Our AGM and the business done

With a new programme which is ready to run.


So we in Solihull trust in our Fellowship

Enjoying gatherings and all our friendships.


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