WF 2022 New year message

2022 New Year, a time to look forward….

After a couple of challenging years wondering whether the news might bring something bright and positive rather than the gloomy times we have lived through, Women in Fellowship has adapted and embraced change. We have used the internet more to communicate and have enjoyed both church services and prayer times which have been shared by all members around the country.

Each branch has also kept in touch with each and every member, allowing our mantra of Christian fellowship to continue with love and support.

A new year can bring challenge to individuals, as some battle illness, bad news or loss. It is a dark time too when staying inside is preferable to the cold and wet.

The Executive Committee would like to send their love and prayers to all members for the coming days and weeks, and sincerely trust that 2022 gives us hope for the future.

May the light and love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ be with you this season and throughout the coming year’