Our Quiet Day with a difference: shared by a branch using Zoom.

Our Quiet Day with a difference 2020– by Deryn, East Cheshire WiF

The good news was/is that like so many of us these days we had discovered Zoom and so at 10.15 on a beautiful sunny day we all sat in our homes, and with a cup of coffee beside us we switched on our computer/lap top/ tablet for a quiet hello to each other before Caroline, our leader, joined us promptly at 10.30.

I do find Zoom very exciting because you have no idea who you are going to see and there were 22 of us gathered together.

Carolines theme was Everyday Godand Caroline was really asking the question of each of us How much SPACE in every day do we give to God? Be it in reading in the Bible, acknowledging God with grace before our meal or just talking to God. She led us in prayer and gave us exercises to do and after her opening hour or so we all dispersed – be it to the garden, comfy chair or desk to consider and reflect.

Caroline suggested 4 Bible readings and asked us to choose one and focus on it – to imagine that

  • we were actually THERE when Jesus said Let the little children come to me
  • we were actually THERE When Jesus fed the 5,000
  • we were actually THERE When Jesus praised the poor widow who put everything she had into the Temple Treasury
  • we were actually THERE When He walked on the water to calm the fears of His disciples, terrified by the winds and angry waters.

Sadly I cannot précis adequately all Caroline gave us to consider but after our second session in the afternoon together there were some wonderful contributions from members who had been motivated to write down their thoughts. Two excellent poems were shared written by members  and another wrote –

“The verses that struck me the most were those from Luke Chapter 21, where Jesus sees the love with which the widow gave, out of her poverty, just two very small copper coins. I have experienced this generous giving among the poor in Uganda and it is humbling. One year whilst visiting the school that I am involved with, there was a thanksgiving service. There were many gifts given from the poor parents and guardians of the girls (to be auctioned off later to provide funds for the school).- a chicken, a pineapple, a hand of matoke, a bag of beans, a cabbage, two sweets from one of the girls, sticks of sugar cane, a few coins. People giving out of their poverty but being received in Jesus’ name with love.

During Covid 19 and the lockdown, my garden has been a great delight and as I walked around it and focussed on the words from Luke, it seemed so appropriate to create this arrangement. White and yellow flowers representing the silver and gold offerings of the rich and then the two bronze leaves showing the widow’s offering. Giving, generously, with love, out of her poverty.”


A Quiet Day is very special – we should allow ourselves more Quiet Days – however may we always go forward and see God in everyday, in all the things we endeavour to do and always enjoy His Presence and His beautiful world.