Summer and Autumn programme- what one branch has been doing or planning

How we’ve handled the Lockdown:

– shared by Caroline, Chairman Bristol 3.

We immediately cancelled the whole summer term programme and thought we could then roll over some of the events. I, as Chairman, sent emails to my Group on the days of the cancelled ones just to say – this is what we’d be having and some suitable / relevant poem or prayer.

  • We had Zoom coffee or teas with our godchildren.
  • Once we / I got to grips with Zoom we were on a roller, and I asked my committee for a contribution to the monthly unlimited subs so that we weren’t running out after 35 minutes and then people not finding or managing the re-entry! This has worked well and I’ll be cancelling it for 2 months and returning in September.
  • One of our group, about to publish her 5th novel, give us a Zoom talk.
  • I managed to give the group a 1/2 hour video via a magician who should have come to us in early summer, and opened it up to any grandchildren who might be about and enjoy it.
  • We’ve had Zoom committee meetings.
  • We’ve had Zoom book groups.
  • We are planning a walk but with only 6 people.

And – we have an Autumn programme! All the events are transferable so that we can have them in actuality or on Zoom. So for instance an origami session can be done in person / or he can do it on Zoom for us. All those I’ve asked can accommodate Zoom.

I’m also aware that we may have to have our annual AGM in January via Zoom, so I know how to bring up documents. Everybody is aware that things can be cancelled at short notice and that all are subject to ” current restrictions at the time” which will cover the committee should we have the second promised wave in the autumn! And I’ll roll it over again next year if necessary. Church services and use of church halls is still something to bear with.

So I think we are managing. I thought you might be interested. I am aware that Zoom is not for everybody, some can’t do it, some don’t want to, some are zoomed out. However if this is the way to keep in touch it’s the next best thing. I have spent hours getting it up and running and sending myself invites to practice and had help from the family!