The Wives’ Fellowship was founded when, in June 1916, a group of friends, all young married women and former members of the Anglican girls Diocesan Association, met in Salisbury and from these talks The Young Wives’ Fellowship was born. From the start all married women were able to be members - married, widowed and divorced.

In 1934 Senior Wives' Fellowship was formed and the number of branches grew rapidly. In 1937 it split from the Anglican Church becoming an independent and ecumenical body, thus embracing members from all Christian denominations.

Like many organisations at the end of the twentieth century membership was in decline, so by 2005 Senior and Young Wives amalgamated.

In 2015 we chose  to welcome single women and in 2019 members voted to change our name to Women in Fellowship.

Historical picture of a Fellowship Group

Several charities have been supported since the founding of the Fellowship and in 1975, St Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham, Kent was chosen as our charity. This was the first of the modern teaching hospices, founded by Dame Cicely Saunders. We are not, however, a fund raising organisation and there is no obligation on any branch or individual to contribute.

We are not a practical society, but a caring Fellowship providing loving and supportive friendship. It gives members an opportunity to relax, to learn, to have fun, to pray and then to return to our daily lives strengthened and encouraged. The principles on which the Fellowship is based - namely the support of Christian marriage and family life still holds good today.