Birmingham visits interesting places

Visit to the Balaji Temple on 19th July 2023

One of Birmingham branch's members, Liz Dancey, has recently coordinated a project for the Arts Society which provided resources for school visits to places of worship in Birmingham.


We met at her house the week before to watch an introductory film about the Balaji Temple, a Hindu place of worship in Tividale, Oldbury in the West Midlands, which whetted our appetites for an actual visit. Built in 1995 it is a series of amazing buildings.

They then had a short visit to the Gandhi Peace Centre which includes an exhibition to celebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi before they were invited to have lunch in the Conservatory where they had prasadam , simple but delicious vegetarian food.

Visit to Cannon Hill Park 9th August 2023

Birmingham’s showcase park, Cannon Hill Park, was celebrating its 150th anniversary.  Birmingham branch arranged a visit and were lucky to have as their guide Irene de Boo.

Cannon Hill Park opened to the public on 1st September, 1873 and was designed by T J Gibson who also designed Battersea Park in London. The park was gifted to the people of Birmingham by Louisa Ryland, a wealthy philanthropist who donated millions to the city.

The branch had such an interesting time we have asked Irene to come back next year to give them a talk on Louise Ryland.

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